Fitzcarraldo Wine Consultants was informerly started by it's two senior partners, Dr. J. Luc Paquin and Dipl.Ing. Kurt J. Zuckermann in fall 1998. Coincidentally they had just joined for a trip to California's Northern wine regions and attended Wine Spectator's finale San Francisco 'California Wine Experience©'

Both our senior partners had been involved in the wine business in one form and another since the 80's. Their interest in wines is long standing and is one of the reasons they became close friends then later business partners. Both are married and their lovely wifes, Normita Angelica Carreño y Paquin and Dr. Aglaja Weihs-Zuckermann share their passion for wine

Their wine business interests are varied and we offer a lot of services like import/export consulting, wine selection for stores and wine list consulting, wine production consulting, wine education for wine-related business staff and for consumers, wine store IT solutions, specific wine related eCommerce solutions, penetration of new markets for traders. Above of all else our good contacts with winemakers in most of the Old World and some of the New World.

In Europe Mr. Zuckermann has been involved with the design of Wein&CO's, Austria's leading wine retailer, web store concept and involved in the planning of Hawesko's, a major German wine retailer, entry into a new market. Consulting with Der Gallier's (a major German wine retailer) Austrian subsidiary. He has also been involved in Wine Pentagon's web presence and marketing concept, and also in Lupolino's, and Der Gallier's. He also maintains a lifestyle website that is aimed at good food, wine, spirits, and beer, and that features regular restaurant and products reviews. As an accredited journalist in the European wine trade he maintain regular contacts with the movers and shakers in the wine world.

Mr. Paquin was heavily involved in Canada in the wine business. He was a wine buyer with a major wine club, and was traveling the world in that respect throughout the 80's and 90's. Before the war, in Yugoslavia, he negotiated major wine production contracts with a large state-run agricultural company, and he was supposed to take over the management of a huge vineyard (60,000 hectares) in Montenegro to oversee wine production and marketing. Unfortunately the war broke out there, and the entire project had to be scrapped.

In Canada we also analyzed the IT needs of one of the large government alcohol monopoly, and designed a Point Of Sale and a Wine Kiosk solution for them. I also designed a kiosk platform that can be used for Point Of Information (POI), Point Of Profit (POP), Point Of Sale (POS), and
Security applications. The first use of that platform was for wine retail stores and I designed a full line of wine related functionality like Food/Wine matching engines, search engines, wine information, etc.